Humanoids Built to Benefit Society

Reinventing the Retail Experience

Square For Retail Plus is the software that makes business owners’ retail management a breeze. GrandArmy partnered with Square to develop a series of animated shorts to educate business owners on software usage and help them unlock their true selling potential.

The Privacy-First Mobile Carrier

Cape is America’s privacy-first mobile carrier.

Hands-on Filmmaking

Dirty Films is an international film, television, and podcast production company founded by longtime filmmakers Cate Blanchett, Andrew Upton, and Coco Francini.

Building A Data Highway Between Earth and Space

Northwood is designing a shared ground infrastructure from first principles to expand access to space. The goal is nothing less than an ultra-wideband data highway connecting Earth and space.

OTTO WERKS is the in-house race team from OTTO Car Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Elite Blockchain Security

Halborn is one of the world’s most elite, trusted, and in-demand cybersecurity companies.

Real-World Impact

1Community is an entertainment production and co-finance company using the power of storytelling to drive real-world impact.

What You Hear Changes Everything

After more than fifty years as an authority in the world of independent news and media, NPR is uniting their journalists, Member Stations, and programs nationwide under one initiative, known as the NPR Network.


We told two 30-second stories exploring the technology and abilities of adidas football’s new cleats: the COPA and PREDATOR.

Uncommon Films on Common Ground

Vacationland is an award-winning film studio creating documentaries and commissioned works to help the world make sense.

Darkness You Can Dance To

GrandArmy worked closely with Lonesome In The Jungle to create an identity system that captures the essence of their music, while also looking toward the future of the band.

Tastes How Winning Feels Like

Slingers is a sweet and smooth cocktail in a can that packs a devious punch.

Film and TV for More Than the Moment

Originally Endeavor Content, Fifth Season is a global entertainment brand on a mission to build a creative-friendly home for premium content.

Reimagining Psychedelic Therapy

Numinus develops and delivers transformative psychedelic therapeutics, inspired by tradition and informed by science.

The Man On The Moon’s Next Adventure

From films and television shows, to animations, music, and fashion, Mad Solar is defined by the eclectic, ever-evolving tastes of its creators.

2022 Relaunch Campaign

GrandArmy worked with the teams at Riot Games to help launch the 2022 season of the Valorant Champions Tour — VCT.

Waffle Iron Entertainment develops, produces, and supports premium sports entertainment that aligns with Nike’s vision to make sport a daily habit.

It's About Time

Analog:Shift is the premier purveyor of vintage watches in New York City and beyond.

Badge 2022

Badge is adidas’ global celebration of diversity and art in sport, united by one creative vision and captured on camera.

A Deep Dive Into the Los Angeles Art Scene

24 Hour Sunset is a documentary film that takes a deep dive into the beautifully vibrant and ever-evolving art scene of Los Angeles.

Daily Podcasts

Skincare That Works For You

DPTMNT is flipping the script on skincare.

Checkerboard Day 2021

Together Makes it Better

Advancing Human Discovery

Sapient is a bioanalytical company that accelerates the process of testing and production to get drugs to the market faster than we’ve grown accustomed to.

Practice Love

Practice Love celebrates the many ways people show love for their partners, friends, and teammates.

Everything is in Order.

Order is the trusted partner of finance, operations and procurement teams everywhere.

More Voices. All Ears.

NPR Podcasts takes listeners deeper into today’s most important topics and discussions, offering different perspectives, ideas, and voices.

True Crime Ephemera

Investigation Night is a documentary block on Vice TV that shines a light on never-before-seen sides of true crime stories and the people behind them.

Real Medicine, Made Clean

Founded by two dads that are on a mission to revolutionize the medicine aisle, Genexa products are made with the same active ingredients you need, but without the artificial ones you don’t.

AirLaunch Explained

Virgin Orbit is on a mission to make space more accessible through AirLaunch — a transformative new launch system capable of launching a rocket from anywhere on Earth.

A Culture of Questioning

Sandbox Films is a documentary studio that illuminates the art of scientific inquiry: humankind’s weird, messy, brilliant way of navigating the world.

Bad Bunny Forum Low Triple Black Launch Event

GrandArmy worked with adidas Originals and Bad Bunny to create a pop up event for the launch of the “Forum Low Triple Black,” Bad Bunny’s third release with Originals.

Fire of Love

Fire of Love is an extraordinary documentary telling the love story of intrepid French scientists Katia and Maurice Krafft.

The Germ Killa

GILLA creates a non-toxic, everyday disinfectant that kills germs, not the planet.

Wellness The Whole Time

Dropbox powers the hustle. So we invited Jacqueline Novak and Kate Berlant to show the world just how crucial Dropbox is to the creation of their epically satirical beauty podcast, POOG.

A New Identity for the Silver Screen

GrandArmy worked with EDEN to establish a logo, visual identity, and animated logo that embodies a brand centered around creating and delivering the highest quality, curated film content.

Slow Down

Grandeur 5 is the studio’s fifth annual retreat. GrandArmy designed an apparel set, toolkit, and designed an itinerary to emphasize the retreat's theme of “slowing down and tuning in.”

It's Everybody's Game

The Cup is an entertainment venue where family and friends gather to eat, drink, and compete. GrandArmy developed an identity for The Cup that overlapped the patina of classic golf ephemera, the technical language of gaming, and the progressive tone of a golf establishment founded in 2020.

Less Harm, More Fun

Drinking responsibly is common sense. Cheers creates a smarter way to have good times by mitigating alcohol’s negative effects.

Checkerboard Day 2020

GrandArmy developed a global campaign that embraced the positive effects creativity has on our mental well-being for Vans Checkerboard Day 2020.

Built for the Journey

Stripes is the growth equity partner for market-defining software and consumer companies. Prominent investments include Reformation, Erewhon, Levain Bakery, and

Campus 80s

GrandArmy developed an identity, visual system, documentary film, book design, web design, and launch campaign for the Campus 80s Makerlab.

A Show About the Internet

Reply All is an investigative podcast exploring the mysteries and idiosyncrasies of the internet.

Space is for Everyone

Supercluster was built to tell the human side of our greatest outer space stories.

Create With the Force

GrandArmy worked with adidas and Lucasfilm to create a digital campaign for the adidas Star Wars Collection, spanning Basketball, Running, and Originals.

One Continuous Story Line

Andrew Lauren Productions is a film and television production company based in New York City.

Checkerboard Day 2019

Vans Checkerboard Day is a global celebration of creativity.

Moving Audio Forward

Gimlet is a podcasting network and digital media company specializing in narrative and non-fiction storytelling. Gimlet's content ranges in subjects from current events to surreal comedies, and from journalistic investigations to science fiction dramas.

Films with Perspective

GrandArmy worked with See Saw Films to create a logo animation inspired by the company’s name that romances the many different perspectives found within its films.


Grandeur 4 is the studio’s fourth annual retreat, conducted on the autumn equinox, as summer fades away.

D.O.N. Issue #1

GrandArmy worked with Adidas Basketball and Marvel to create the launch campaign for Donovan “Spida” Mitchell’s first pro model shoe, The D.O.N. Issue #1.

Tools for Daily Living

Mosaic Group is an award-winning collection of leading mobile brands that inspire people to live better lives.

For a New Breed of Artists

Elia is a support system for artists, performers, storytellers, and filmmakers. A talent management and production company built to amplify distinctive voices. We designed a quiet and confident graphic language that would best display artists’ work without distracting from it.


GrandArmy worked closely with adidas NCAA basketball to develop a campaign system for adidas Hoops Black History Month.

Feel Good Food

Schnipper’s is a family-operated, born-and-bred New York City restaurant. Founded by two brothers, Schnipper’s serves a wide variety of ‘Feel Good Food’ options, ranging from burgers and milkshakes to salads and sandwiches.


GrandArmy worked closely with adidas basketball to develop an overhauled identity, visual system, and relaunch campaign for adidas hoops SS19. We introduced 3 groundbreaking new basketball shoes: N3XT L3V3L, Pro Vision, and Marquee Boost.

Let's Go

SeatGeek is a digital ticket-selling platform that connects fans to the experiences they crave. We created a new brand campaign under the strategy and rallying cry: “Let’s Go!”

Celebrating Real Food

GrandArmy worked closely with the sweetgreen team to develop a new brand positioning and identity system, including a custom typeface, updated logo, and robust brand guidelines.

Man of the Woods

GrandArmy worked closely with Justin Timberlake and his team to create the visual language for his upcoming fifth studio album, Man Of The Woods.

Looney Tunes

Converse and Looney Tunes teamed up to create a limited edition "Rivalry Pack" of Chucks featuring iconic characters from the Looney Tunes universe squaring off against each other.

Cult-Worthy Films

A24 approached GrandArmy to create an identity system that feels modern and progressive, yet nods to the golden age of mid-century Hollywood.

Coach Harden & Coach Rose

A vibrant and youthful aesthetic provides the backdrop for James Harden and Derrick Rose.

Justice League

Heavy-hitting custom typography and animation come together to celebrate the limited release of the Converse Justice League Chucks.

The Chernin Group

TCG is a multi-stage investment firm dedicated to building consumer businesses. As a group of operators, creatives, and investors, they help founders bring authentic ideas to life.

Nurturing Agriculture

Farmhold Financial is a specialty finance company focused on providing farm operating loans and capital resources to the agricultural community.

For Your Place in the City

Everyone hates dealing with their insurance company. Endless paperwork, bureaucracy, and intentionally deceptive policies have dominated the industry — but things are changing.

Look Twice

Second Sight was born from the need to reconnect a womenswear designer with her customers. Editions are released monthly, featuring a singular fabric in five dynamic silhouettes with inclusive sizing.

Plan for What's Next

Urbint ingests and graphs vast urban data sets, applies machine learning, and creates proprietary intelligence to gain a clear understanding of what’s happening — so urban operators can make better decisions now and in the future.

Roast Battle

Jeff Ross’ Roast Battle is a stand-up insult war judged by a panel of celebrity comedians. Comics compete onstage while adhering to the Roast Battle rules: original material only, no physical contact, and every battle ends with a hug.

Tales From the Trail

NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) is a nonprofit that teaches students life and survival skills in the wild for the past 50 years.


KITH is an NYC-based streetwear and lifestyle brand known for its experimental collaborations and apparel collections.

Stubhub Pursuits

StubHub Pursuits is a regular stream of premium content on StubHub’s app, created to showcase the power of live events through stories with athletes, performers, and cultural commentators.


Nike+ Training Club is an app that comes fully loaded with 100+ workouts, guidance from experts for every move, and plans to help you get fitter, faster, and stronger than ever.

Wake Up Better

Tuft & Needle was founded on a simple premise: It should be easy to buy a great mattress. In less than three years, this humble concept has taken T&N from a scrappy start-up to the #1 rated mattress on Amazon, disrupting an entire crooked industry along the way.

Redesigning an American Institution

The United States Postal Service is one of America’s great infrastructure achievements. In addition to being a technical marvel, it is also a storied and hallowed institution. From the Pony Express to the first letters sent by air-mail, few things are so uniquely American.

KITH and Cap'n Make it Happen

Cap’n Crunch is a favorite breakfast snack and piece of nostalgia for ’90s kids. As the brand focuses on its place in today's culture and lifestyle, collaborating with KITH became the perfect opportunity to reconnect with diehard fans.

Super Bowl LII

Super Bowl LII was played in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the northernmost city to ever host the event. Nike asked us to create a collection of illustrations and custom typography to commemorate the occasion.

Rethinking Cities

Sidewalk Labs is an Alphabet company that imagines, designs, tests, and builds urban innovations to help cities meet their biggest challenges.

Love and Tequila

El Jimador, Mexico's number one selling tequila, asked GrandArmy to create a launch film for their first United States television campaign. We created "The Crew" — a long-form narrative film following two friends on a surreal journey through the jungles of Costa Rica.

Rebranding an Indie Icon

Big Beach produces and finances independent films, television, and theater. With an eye toward intelligent, character-driven, humanistic material, the company’s overall mission is to showcase films that inspire, engage and entertain.

The Most Delicious App in NYC

Maple is a new food concept that combines New York’s best chefs and culinary talent with high-quality ingredients and rotating daily menus, all delivered straight to your door with the tap of a button.

World Basketball Festival

In August of 2014, Jordan Brand and USA Basketball hosted the third-annual World Basketball Festival on the lakefront parks of Chicago.

The Colonel Done Right

As part of a comprehensive rebrand and repositioning for KFC, GrandArmy was asked to re-imagine the brand’s identity and visual language.

We Faked the Lunar Landing

"Born in 1928" was Cole Haan's first brand campaign in over a decade. It featured several icons in culture, fashion, and art. Among them was Apollo 13 Astronaut Jim Lovell, and his life inspired a limited-edition launch of the metallic "Silver Grand."

The Power Mark

Thrive Capital is a “venture capital investment firm focused on media and internet investments.”

Long Live Small Business

Bond Street is transforming small business lending through technology, data, and design. Offering low-interest loans from 50-500K, Bond Street is a partner to entrepreneurs, providing transparent financing and disrupting an often-predatory industry.

Crowning the Kings of Summer

We worked with Nike to create the branding and campaign for their Chicago Summer Hoops initiative.

Updating the New Classic

Look better. Function better. This is ISAORA's mission. GrandArmy partnered once again with innovative outerwear brand ISAORA to launch their new online-exclusive line — ISAORA iO — which would eventually ladder up and transition to the parent ISAORA brand.

Get Hyped. Level Up.

The founders of GrandArmy were winners of ADC Young Guns 9. We’ve been part of the Young Guns family ever since, so we were more than happy when the Art Director’s Club asked us to create the campaign and branding for Young Guns 11.

Finding Our Inner Skate Rat

GrandArmy’s founding partners grew up no stranger to skate parks and skate culture. When ESPN gave us the opportunity to re-think X Games marketing, our answer was simple: Don’t make a 30-second spot. Instead, make 30-second pieces of content that feel sliced from the center of your favorite classic skate film.

Five Seconds with Chris Paul

Jordan Brand approached us with an interesting problem: They needed a disruptive national television campaign for Chris Paul, but they only had 15 seconds' worth of media to work with.

Destroying Perfectly Good Racecars

ESPN needed to reimagine how NASCAR was marketed to the public. In the past, its campaigns had focused on humor, speaking in the same voice it uses to promote baseball or March Madness — but Nascar is a fundamentally different animal.

Where It's Been

Every sport has trophies. Only hockey has the Stanley Cup. It is a historical document, an object of worship. It is cursed, it is lucky. Over the years it’s been lost, and it has been found, oftentimes in the least likely places. In this teaser, we wonder where it’s been and where it will go from here.

How to Break a CRT TV

Kenzo Digital asked GrandArmy to create an animated typography system for a series of short films documenting a concert by Kanye West.

New York Culture Quarterly

Day Trip is a quarterly exploration of art and culture in New York City.

Feminine, Masculine, High-tech Tribal Typography

GrandArmy partnered with director Kenzo Digital to create custom typographic treatments for Beyonce’s 2011 Billboard Awards performance.

When All Else Fails: Gaffer's Tape

Located in the South Bronx, The Ghetto Film School's mission is to "educate, develop, and celebrate the next generation of great American storytellers.

We Wanted to Make Them Proud of Themselves

After completing the branding for The Ghetto Film School, GrandArmy was asked to create an identity for their sister school, The Cinema School, under a totally different brief.

Edible Shampoo, Tasty Packaging

Yarok creates nontoxic, 100% vegan hair care and beauty products from sustainably harvested ingredients.

Weatherproofing the World

GrandArmy partnered with outerwear brand ISAORA to develop lookbooks for video and print.

Cybernetic Snowboard Kicks

Nike asked ten design studios to create a sculptural interpretation of their new ZF1 snowboard boot.

Custom Lettering for NYC's Premier Optometrist

Silver Lining Opticians is the leading independent eyewear destination in New York. They offer a collection of vintage and contemporary frames as well as their own private line.

NASCAR Meets McQueen's Le Mans

"Close Calls" is the story of a duel between veteran Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski and rookie Nationwide driver Trevor Bayne. The spot takes us through an entire race, start to finish, from pre-race prep to the checkered flag. Along the way, cool nerves and battle-hardened experiences are tested by a rash and reckless Nationwide style.


Mad Solar
The Man On The Moon’s Next Adventure

NPR Network
What You Hear Changes Everything

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